These can include both stretchy and woven wraps of varying lengths.

Stretchy Wraps

These are usually about 5m long and are made of a jersey knitted cotton, they are very stretchy and great for newborns to about 6 months – 12 months old.  They are suitable for front and hip carries but not back carries.

One of the nicest things about stretchy wraps is being able to put them on first and then pop your baby in or out throughout the day.  It is possible to make your own stretchy (in fact with 5m of regular stretch fabric, you can make two!)

We currently have the following stretchy wraps:

  • Moby Wrap in blue
  • Sleepywrap in red
  • Kari-me wrap in teal
  • Tricotti wrap in natural
  • Moby Wrap in olive green
  • Calin Bleu fleece wrap
We also have two Close Baby Carriers, these are a popular hybrid, part stretchy/part ringsling

Woven Wraps aka German Style Wovens

These vary in length from 2.5m (a rebozo) to 5m+ for taller or larger parents and tandem carrying (that is, carrying two children at once). They are not very stretchy, but have a little diagonal give to aid tightening.

They are suitable from birth until you stop carrying your child (they can easily carry a five year old and are often tested up to 700kg!). Woven wraps can be used for front, back and hip carries, they can also be used as hammocks.

These are the most versatile of slings, there are many different ways of tying them and different lengths favour different methods of tying.  There is quite a learning curve to these slings, but once mastered, they are all you need!

We currently have the following woven wraps:

  • Didymos Nino size 7/5.2m
  • Storchenwiege Leo Rouge 5.5m
  • Girasol Rainbow 4.6m
  • Girasol blue/green 2.7m (rebozo)
  • Ovolo 4.6m
  • Natibaby Tatami 5.2m

and the following light/gauze wraps

  • Ellaroo Maija 4.6m
  • Calin Bleu gauze 4.6m