Terms and Conditions

The Slings

  • Please remember when borrowing a baby carrier that your child’s safety is your responsibility. Always follow instructions carefully and check for signs of wear and tear, and do not put your child at risk. Thames Valley Sling Babies/Sling Library are not responsible in any way for any accident that may occur with the baby carrier.
  • Please read the T.I.C.K.S. Guide here, this gives clear and memorable safety advice for all sling use.
  • Please read the Safety Guidelines carefully.
  • Please look after the baby carrier, we hope these carriers will be able to help lots more parents in the future.
  • Do not wash the baby carrier. All carriers are washed regularly. If necessary, please spot-clean with a damp cloth soaked in warm water.

The Library

  • There is a charge of £5 per item per month (or £2 per item per week for short-term hire). We also require a deposit of £40 in the form of cash or cheque. This cheque will not be banked and will be returned to you at the end of the hire period, on return of the carrier.
  • Should any item be lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the deposit cheque will be banked to pay for a replacement carrier.
  • Please return the carrier before or at the next Slingmeet. If you wish to post a carrier to us, please obtain proof of postage and email to let us know.

Thank you, happy slinging!