One Shouldered Carriers

These include Pouches, Ringslings and Rebozos. The common feature of all three is convenience, they are small, packable and versatile (you can use them as blankets, change mats, breastfeeding covers)

Pouches are a sized loop of cloth that is folded in half lengthways, worn over one shoulder and can be used for front, hip and back carries.  They are suitable from birth and can be used up to the age of 3 or 4 years old. They come in various sizes and it is important to get the correct size for the wearer, the wrong size will not function properly.

We have the following pouches:

  • Coorie fleece pouch size 3
  • Funky slings pouch size tbd
  • Hotslings pouch size 2
  • Hotslings pouch size 3

Ringslings are a 2m piece of cloth with two rings sewn into one end, the material is pushed through the rings to form a pouch.  These can be used from birth until 3 or 4 years old and are adjustable for different wearers.

We currently have the following:

  • Comfy Joey x2
  • Easysling
  • Hoppediz Paris (red)
  • Storchenwiege Inka (striped)
  • Mayawrap lightly padded
  • Jumpsac
  • Rockin’ Baby
  • Sleeping Baby Productions (SBP) Didymos Eva small
  • Sakura Bloom double silk
  • Zolowear cotton
  • Zolowear solarveil (summer)

Rebozo  is actually a wrap but it is also the Spanish/Mexican name for a one shouldered carry using a simple piece of cloth (SPOC), it is possible to ‘rebozo’ with any piece of tightly woven cloth measuring approximately 70cm by 2.2m+

We have the following:

  • Girasol blue/green 2.7m

We also have other one-shouldered carriers which do not fall under these headings:

  • Scootababy hip carrier
  • Babasling