Asian Style Carriers

These include Mei Tai, Podaegi, Soft Structured Carriers/Buckle Carriers and many others.  They usually consist of a rectangular centrepiece with 2 or 4 straps.

Mei Tai (MT)

Originally from China, these have four straps to tie on. They are easy to use, versatile & adjustable, so will work for both parents.

We currently have the following:

  • Napsack Baby Mei tai in Red and brown
  • Mayawrap Mayatie in rainbow, size large
  • Freehand mei tai in green with natural straps
  • Babyhawk mei tai in bird print with black straps
  • Little River Mei Tai with cream straps

Podaegi (pod)

these slings originate from Korea and consist of a rectangular piece with one set of long straps at the top.  There are two types of podaegi: the traditional wide blanket with horizontal straps and the more common narrow blanket, with a more mei tai like rectangle and angled straps.  We have two narrow blanket pods

  • Dreampod in red and flower print

Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)/Buckle Carriers

these are based on the mei tai but have buckle fastenings instead of ties, they most closely resemble rucksacks/backpacks and are the most modern looking of slings.


We currently have the following SSC:

  • Connecta Original
  • Connecta Integra
  • Manduca with integral infant seat
  • Boba 3G
  • Ergo with additional Infant insert
  • Active Mom Carrier in black & lime
  • Nova Baby Carrier

We also have a Scootababy one shouldered buckle carrier.