Squee! New wrap!

I love a new wrap and I love Didymos, so when I saw someone selling a size 4 Eva on Facebook, I was sorely tempted (we only have one Eva in the library and that’s a ring sling, so it doesn’t count!).

I mentioned this to the seller and she very very kindly let me buy it at a discount. Thank you Sarah 🙋

It arrived today and looks brand new but feels soft and broken in, a size 4 is very handy for summer wrapping (fewer layers) and older babies/toddlers (less sling to carry around when they insist on toddling).

So now I need to practice some size 4 carries to demo at our next Slingmeet, does anyone have any size 4 suggestion




Reblog: a meltdown is not a tantrum

It’s an important distinction.

a diary of a mom

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 6.48.27 AM

{image is a photo of a young man curled into a ball, covering his head with his hands}

On the outside it might look like a sudden explosion, but it’s actually the final few minutes of a process that may have taken hours or even days to develop.

Bec at Snagglebox, What Does a Meltdown Feel Like?

I thought she wouldn’t stop.
I didn’t know she couldn’t stop.I didn’t know there was a difference.
I just didn’t know.

An autistic meltdown is not a tantrum.

One is about control.

The other is a loss of control.

One is about testing boundaries.

The other is not feeling safe.

One is an attempt to manipulate.

The other is a cry for help.

Diary, Untitled, May, 2004

Discipline is never an appropriate response to a meltdown, because…

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Bracknell has a Slingmeet!

Check out their new website for details…

Who are we?.

Bracknell's new Slingmeet

Lots of goodies!

WE have been very lucky to have received some new slings this January.

Firstly, a new US wrap manufacturer and retailer, Ovolo, has donated a pretty and very sturdy size 6 wrap. It’s called ‘Summit Agate’, it’s striped (always useful for new wrappers) and 100% cotton and I could really do with a volunteer to break it in!

Ovolo wrap
Ovolo wrap

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Snowsuits, Scarves, Slings and Safety

Reblogging, as I get asked this a lot


Reblog: Slings of the Quarter – The Wonderful World of Woven Wraps

An excellent and very informative post from Sheffield Slings

Reblog: 5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting is in Crisis – According to a British Mother

Thank you!

We’ve been very fortunate over the past couple of months to have received two donations.

Firstly, we have been given a beautiful wrap style Mei Tai made by Lindsey at Little River Mei Tai. I had hoped to take a few photos of it, but it’s been out on loan ever since we go it! So I am linking to Lindsey’s website for images. Thank you, Lindsey!

Little River Mei Tai
Little River Mei Tai

Then, at the last Reading slingmeet, someone mentioned that they had a spare infant insert from Ergo, did we want it? I cannot remember the number of times I’ve been asked if our Ergo can be used with newborns and having to say ‘Yes, but…’ So a very big thank you to Rachel D for donating hers.

Change of date for Hurst slingmeet

wrap slings tied up in knots

Just a quick post. I’ve had to change the date of the Hurst slingmeet to the 2nd of April (from the 26th of March) for family reasons. The March date also happens to be a date for the Teachers strike and obviously this may make it difficult for some to attend a parent/toddler group.

Hopefully, April will see slingmeet returning to it’s normal 4th Wednesday slot.