Safe Babywearing

Babywearing Tips

  • Wearing your baby in a sling can take some practice (depending on the sling, mostly), so make sure your baby is happy, fed and generally comfy before trying out a sling for the first time.
  • When you’ve got your baby in the sling, go for a walk to settle her.

Other Resources and helpful Information

Our Links page contains some very useful links, including babywearing forums, Slingmeets, For Sale and Trade sites and Youtube – a valuable resource all on it’s own. So heres a brief description of each link:

  • Natural Mamas is a natural parenting forum with an emphasis on babywearing and an active For Sale and Trade board;
  • The Babywearer is a US babywearing forum with loads of reviews and information on any type of sling you can think of;
  • Sling Guide is a UK site with tons of babywearing information
  • Slingmeet is a forum dedicated to setting up and promoting slingmeets;
  • UK Babywearing Swap is a yahoo group for buying, selling or trading your used slings;
  • Oxford Slingmeet is a well run and popular slingmeet run for the Oxfordshire area, with a very well stocked sling library;
  • Youtube is a great resource with loads of video demos for using various slings, both homemade videos and manufacturer videos can be found here.
  • The Rebozo Way is dedicated to educating the public about traditional methods of birthing, family and community relationships, and about in-arms and attachment parenting as practiced by indigenous peoples worldwide, and as relevant to our own lives as caring members of the world community.
  • Make your own slings! Sleeping Baby Productions Ring Slings, Podageis, Mei Tais. This is a great resource with links to many other sling making sites