Finally, a Summer Carrier for Summer

Just in the nick of time!

I got to go to the European Babywearing Conference yesterday (it’s last day is today and there are Exhibition Hall tickets still available, if you can get to Bristol). It was quite overwhelming and lovely and everyone was so friendly and helpful (I managed to get lost finding both workshops I’d signed up for).

I managed not to buy ALL THE WRAPS (I’d have needed a second mortgage) but I did finallySelfie of me and our new Connecta Solar lay hands on a Connecta Solar, a carrier I’ve been meaning to get for the library for a few years now (my timing usually sucks – “oh it’s June, I ought to buy this now. Oh, they are all sold out”). I also got to say hello to Sarah Sadler and Anne McEwan at the Connecta stand, who I haven’t seen for YEARS.

I was given a free limited edition Ergo, so now we have two in the library, which is a v good thing. I got to see the new Manduca extender, a device for extending the width of the Manduca seat to allow for knee to knee toddler carrying, and I’ve placed an order for the library.

I also got to check out a fair few demo dolls, I do need one, but my criteria are a bit odd (not too heavy, due to dodgy shoulders and not too creepy!) and I have pitched on a likely candidate.

On a personal level I got to handle some beautiful wraps and my husband is very relieved that I no longer wrap, so bought none of them AND I got to see Tina Hoffmann in the flesh (I am a long time Didymos fangirl).

So a really successful day, thank you to the organisers and volunteers, you all did a fabulous job.

M xxx