Q&A Guest Post- Maria

I got to do a guest post!!!! Thank you Clare ☺

Bracknell Sling Meet

I’m Maria, I run Thames Valley Sling Babies and have a husband, two children, aged 11 and 7 and two cats. I home educate one child at the moment, although this often seems subject to change (different child, different schools, it’s complicated!). I also nanny for 3 home educated children part-time.

How did you get into babywearing and did you plan to wear your baby when you were pregnant?
With my first child I got bequeathed the usual set of dodgy carriers (I’m not even sure some of them had names and they were probably from the 70s!), I have back problems and none of them helped, so I carried my son in-arms and in ignorance for a year or so (he enjoyed this immensely and saw no reason to start walking early).

I did however become quite evangelical about cloth nappies and so gradually met parents who carried their…

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