Reblog: Slings of the Quarter – The Wonderful World of Woven Wraps

An excellent and very informative post from Sheffield Slings

Sheffield Sling Surgery - Consultancy and Library

LF MN pics 25Woven wraps, are for many, the ultimate in babywearing.  They are often seen as the sling of choice if you want to be  a “real babywearer”, in part because there can be a learning curve to master this type of sling, and also because of the dizzying range of patterns available, and some of the high-end prices (some can sell for £350 or more).

I disagree with this attitude; I think that any parent who chooses to carry their child has made a fantastic choice, be it in their arms, a buckle carrier, a mei tai, a ring sling, a stretchy or a woven wrap. It is the carrrying and the closeness that confer the huge benefits that families can enjoy if they are in physical contact, not the complexity, the pattern or price tag of the sling you use!

Having said that, woven wraps are pretty wonderful, not that hard to master…

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