Babywearing in a time of great change.

An inspiring family (and a gorgeous wrap)

Closeathand Babywearing Service an Infant Care Educational Practice and Home Visiting Service. A Place for Family Stories With a Focus on Babywearing.

Who ever thought that the woman who started this blog would be a full time working Mom with 3 Kids under 6.

I find endless comfort and closeness when I wear my children.  Snuggling down with one of my babies in a wrap is the ultimate in reconnecting with my family every evening after long days working at Elephant Ears.



Ela is a dense wrap but thin, it will be great year round and I am so happy to have added it to my collection.  It was a great pick for us, having tall lanky kids,  because it has a bit of a wider width.  Judah has decided it is one of the prettiest wraps in the collection.


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