Busy, busy, busy

Our slingmeets are becoming busier and we’ve added a couple more, so I thought I’d better start posting to keep folks uptodate.

Firstly, we are now taking the library to two new venues. The Wellbeing Centre in Newbury and St. Nicholas’ Parent and child playgroup in Hurst. Details can be found in our Diary section.

These are quite different groups and venues, the Newbury meet is at a lovely holistic centre, with excellent public transport links, so if you haven’t access to a car and can hop on a bus or train, do visit us there.  The Hurst meet is piggybacking on to a well established baby/toddler group in a proper village hall (which brings back childhood memories of my own), there are LOADS of toys and activities for the little ones and tea or coffee for the grownups.

Secondly, I have finally booked onto a Trageshule course. This is specifically training on how to teach other parents how best to carry their babies, using their preferred carrier.

We’ve been lucky at TVSB to have mums who have some very diverse knowledge about many carriers, but we each of us have our own preferences and specific knowledge. This course will hopefully broaden my skills at imparting that knowledge. It will also mean that I can offer one to one consultations to interested parents.

Finally, we’ve bought a Boba 3G soft structured carrier for the library and started a bit of spring cleaning – selling off some of those carriers that are no longer in production.  If anyone has any requests for carriers they’d like to see in the library, please get in touch here or on our Twitter or Facebook pages

M xxx