Slinging in The Sun – August Slingwalk at The Lookout

Well the sun did shine and we all enjoyed our toddle around Swinley Forest at The Lookout.

The photo is courtesy of Rachel’s son  Kieran.  He is now the official sling walk photographer.

August Slingwalk at The Lookout

More sling walk dates are in the pipeline. More details soon.


5 thoughts on “Slinging in The Sun – August Slingwalk at The Lookout

  1. He is certainly a star cameraman, that was a really nice (and mercifully short) walk, thanks for organising Bree!

  2. Thought I’d better do a sling rollcall for the geeks amongst us.

    L to R: Cuca woven wrap, Didymos woven wrap, Ellaroo woven wrap, custom Connecta, custom Olives and Applesauce, custom Connecta and Ergo.

    Is that right?

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