Autumn Sling Walks

The next walk is at The Lookout in Bracknell on the 8th August but I’m looking to try and organise some more for later in the year.
Does anyone have any suggestions on routes / locations?


Update: August 2nd

Hoping for a big turnout on Saturday in Bracknell as there were 5 other slingwearers (3 bjorns, a moby and a super lovely stripey didy) at NCT walk this morning and I told them all about the walk. The walk today was at Dinton Pastures where we hold the sling walk every other month. Its such a lovely venue. I’m beginning to wonder whether we should should just have a regular monthly walk at Dinton. Its seems to pretty difficult to find somewhere else thats quite as good a location.


2 thoughts on “Autumn Sling Walks

  1. It is particularly well suited (and the foods good!). I like the Lookout for the play area but the walk is kinda dull in comparison.

  2. Yeah definitely a much nicer walk! If I hadn’t already told so many folks this morning about Saturdays walk at The Lookout….

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