Maya tie, my tie!

Mayawrap Mei tai
Mayawrap Mei tai

I got to try out the Sling library Mei Tai today and really liked it, but not half as much as P did 🙂

We three were going to the library for the BfN drop-in and I wanted to take some slings, just in case. L wanted to ride his bike, I didn’t want to take a buggy (cos it gets packed at the library on Thursday) so had Mum’s shopper, so L and I decided to bribe P with a ride in the MT and a biscuit. It worked. I think P now thinks this is hers.
At the library, there was a fair bit of interest in slings and I offered someone to try the MT on as she was finding her current carrier difficult and uncomfortable, but P had other thoughts and protested, loudly. Fortunately another mum had her Napsack MT with her and was happy for mum #1 to try that on and she was pleasantly surprised.