and it didn’t rain

we had a slingmeet today, outside, in a park (Forbury Gardens). We sat under a tree and tried stuff on, well I didn’t as my children have Slapped Cheek Disease stayed with Grandma for the afternoon.

I had a glorious 30 minutes reading the paper under a tree, in the park and then Sasha arrived with M and then in quick succesion, Sarah P, Fiona, Ailbhe and Sarah and a big surprise, Ruth. It was all very civilised and we didn’t pack up til after 3pm. The weather was abit overcast to begin with (a relief after the last few days of 30 degree heat) and then the sun came out to play.
Popular slings were the ring slings (Maya Wrap and Psling) and the rebozos (Bara Barn and Ellaroo) and this was definitely the Day of the Slipknot. There was also mention of Event Wrapping for weddings, christenings, etc. when you need something special to go with your posh frocks.